The Conservative Republican for State House

Neil Hays Visiting President Trump’s Southern Border

“Neil Hays is one of our state’s leaders in STOPPING the flood of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and ILLEGAL DRUG PRODUCTION.”

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Honored To Serve

“Two years ago, you elected me to deliver on our priorities: opposing Biden’s attack on Oklahoma, defending President Trump’s America First agenda and putting our families over big government. I defend these values daily, and I’d be honored to continue serving you in the Oklahoma State House.”

– Neil Hays

Meet Neil Hays

Eastern Oklahoma Roots

Born in Muskogee, Neil is the son of a High School coach and principal. A standout athlete, Neil went to college on a baseball scholarship, eventually returning to Muskogee to coach and teach history and math. Neil knows firsthand the challenges in the classroom, and he vows to protect girls’ sports and stand for parental rights. Neil fought for the largest increase to education funding in state history and also supported one of the largest teacher pay raises — all while cutting taxes by co-authoring the bill to eliminate the state grocery tax.

Job Creator

Neil left teaching to start his insurance agency from scratch. He grew the agency substantially­, serving clients in multiple states and achieving his carrier’s prestigious Toppers Club award for being Top 5 in sales — three years in a row. Neil recently sold his agency to serve the needs of HD13 full time but still employs multiple people in our communities through his other business ventures. His businesses have always treated his clients like family and put their needs first.

Oklahoma Values

Together, Neil and his wife Nicole have six children. Neil’s oldest son, a valedictorian and military veteran, served our country in the Marine Corps and his younger son still serves in the Army National Guard. A lifelong Republican, Neil is an NRA member, pro-life, pro-lower taxes and stands tall for the values that make America the greatest nation on earth.


Neil Hays for State House


Neil Hays: Mission

Oppose Illegal Immigration: Neil authored legislation to block state tax dollars from being used for those in our country illegally. Last summer, Neil visited the southern border to see the flow of drug traffickers and criminals for himself.

Cut Taxes. Fight Biden’s Inflation: As a business owner, Neil knows the harm Biden’s inflation has caused. Neil has voted for every tax cut for Oklahoma families, as well as co-authoring legislation to cut the grocery tax, income tax and franchise tax on business.

Protect Our Students. Support Our Teachers: A former classroom teacher, Neil has opposed every attempt for the woke agenda to enter Oklahoma’s classrooms. Neil supported one of the largest teacher pay raises in state history as well as the largest funding increase to our schools in Oklahoma history.

Support Our Values: Neil is pro-life, pro-gun, smaller government and has endorsed President Trump. He will work hard to deliver on his America First agenda at home.

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